Migration to Clouds – Art and Forniture – Others

Title : Migration to Clouds – Art and Forniture
Subject : Library design by E. Svetti & Ascanio
Location : Via Borgogna, 5b – Milan, Italy
Size :
Date : 2016, November 10th


MIGRATION to CLOUD is the evocative name of the new limited edition bookshop inaugurated at BOFFETTO SRL which belongs to the BOFFETTO 99 ARTinDESIGN collection. A perfect design which meets the spirit of Emanuele Svetti and the artistic creativity of Ascanio, an embrace that unites design with visual art. Migration to Cloud continues a stylistic and informal path that fits into the strand of the contemporary streetart movement.

Art and beaty in design for living.
A section dedicated to a new dialogue between Art and Design where each part contaminates the other while maintains its original nature and identity. An idea born by the meeting of a designer and a visual artist, became the concrete reproduction of the artists’ original artworks through the use of high technology and innovative materials.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/MUWyVlGTyCQ” align=”center” maxwidth=”1280″ aspect_ratio=”16:9″ parameters=”title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ /]

Video editing and motion graphics by Fabio Saolini




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